Edho sb, Life and the youngster

Abdul Sattar Edhi ( The richest poor man) was a Pakistani humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation. He run the world largest private ambulance system.

Edhi sb. biography is a very motivational for the youngster. In his biography, he said his mother would give him 2 paisas, 1 paisa for his meals and another to give to a beggar. In his life, he did a lot of work before opening a free dispensary with the help of his community. To do 7 different jobs enable edhi sb. to know and understand the nature of business and the importance of hardwork. To do these jobs he know better the life of a poor man in Pakistan and what hurdles they face in their life. So, he make a decision to serve the Poor People in Pakistan. For this he started a free dispensary where free aids are available for the poor.

Edhi’s mother develop a hobby in his childhood to spend 1 paisa on beggars. This motivates the Edhi sb. to help poor. When Edhi sb. started dispensary as a job, he will provide free medicine to poor. To stand with his passion, he launched the world’s largest ambulance service, that is his career. His career make him as a hero in all over the World and the world called him “The Richest poor man”. Edhi sb. vocation of serving the humanity make him great and the world agreed that if you will to do something then you achieved it at any cost.

The biography of Edhi sb. contain a lot of things which I have learnt or the youngster must have to learn. You have to work according to your need and when this need is fulfilled then you have to work according to your passion. His life passionate me to work hard if I want to achieve something in life. If you have will to do something then you achieved that but the condition is hardworking. His journey from a small discrepancy to world largest ambulance service contains a lot of knowledge for the youngster. His father lines also inspiration of the youngster. His father said him “first learn how to work with money and understand its value.” In this lines, his father want to say the importance of money and also how much value it has. Start a job without experience it like you’re in a war where anything is happened. This line inspired us to gain some experience, no matter what kind of job it has. If you have some experience then every organization hire you without hesitation.

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