Enjoyment and Burden of Work

Many times when I was busy, I thought when should I enjoyed my life?

I found my answer in the shape of friends. I always trying to do something new and enjoyable whenever I was with my friend.

So, when we had no time to do something and there was a lot of burden due to the final year of Graduation and also a lot of burden of work in shape of projects, we decided to go for the outing. We decided for a outing program. For this we made a Hitea in Bundu Khan Resturant on Saturday and on Sunday, we decided to watch a funny movie firstly to refresh our mind and then we have to go to Fortress Mall just for the enjoyment.

I really loved the way of working that Amal Academy did for the betterment of the youth of Pakistan. I learned so many things during the 3 months fellowship program. That helped me to enjoyed my life in a new style. I done so many new things which I considered that I will never try in my future without the fellowship program.

On Saturday, we had a great time with our fellows and also the Program Manager and Program Assistant. Ma’am Wajeeha who is Program Manager also joined us in the Party. We enjoyed a lot in this party and after the meeting we have an activity in which everyone promise to meet after the fellowship. All of the fellows gave different suggestion to meet.

At the start of the session, we ride bicycle. The weather was much pleasant due to rain. We ride bicycles for one to two hours and also got tired after riding bicycle. After riding bicycle, we watched movie and then we go to Fortress Mall for enjoyment.

First thing we tried in Fortress Mall was the bowling. We enjoyed a lot and also learned during the game. We made 2 teams and these teams worked for the success of their team. Both teams really played well and one team won for the few marks.

This part was much dangerous but adventurous for us. Most of our fellows was siting on the Discovery but he hesitate to sit on the TopSpin. After Top Spin, Most of us was like a Sniveling baby. This ride is most dangerous but we enjoyed a lot.

After this, we went for the Dogging Car and also enjoyed the ride. In this ride, all of our fellows participate so that we enjoyed the ride a lot.

After this tiresome job, some of our fellows went to eat something. For this, we went for the OPTP Restaurant and order some fast food.

These are the best days of my life where I learned so many things and also done so many new things.