Meeting with the mentor

Who is your mentor?

I was confused with this question before doing a project which explained better “who is your mentor?” After the course, decide to choose Sir Ali as my mentor. He has a lot of working experience related to my field and he also known in which way a student can understand betterly. That’s way I choose Sir Ali as my mentor.

So, to find the answer of the questions, in which I confused a lot, I decided to set a meeting with my mentor Sir Ali. I sent him a email but unfortunately, he can’t respond my email. But, fortunately, after the class he permitted me to ask question. I was much happy because my confusion is removed now.

So, I open the list of my questions. But I have to choose only 2 to 3 questions which is most important due to shortage of time. My first question was, Sir What is your opinion that should I have to continue my study or to do a job first? Sir appreciate me and said, my son, your question is very good. If you have no financial issue then you have to continue your study but if you have any issue then you start study with the job. I suggest not to wait for the MBA Executive degree to 2 year but you have to start it now. You have to do MBA Marketing that is also good. I was much happy by the answer of Sir and I agreed with this point.

My second question was “What should be the most important thing a marketer should do to success in the market? Sir again appreciate me that you asked this question. He passed a smile and said, “my son, if you want to be a successful marketer then you have to improved your communication skill as well as your confidence. As I know you are a brilliant student but you should work more on your dressing.” I agreed with the point of Sir Ali and assured him that I will try my best to follow the advice you gave to me.

After the meeting, I asked to Sir Ali, Can you please told me some motivation video and he also explained the way where I can easily access the video.

This is a short but amazing meeting where I learned a lot and also solved my problems. I thanks to Sir after the meeting and he also showed that he was happy with this meeting. I also send a thank you email for his precious time he spend with me.

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