A letter to the Young

No matter your aspirations, fears or convictions immense beauty holds life and once you know yourself completely you will know your surroundings the best.

“O Great Spirit of our ancestors, I raise my pipe to you. To your messengers the four winds, and to mother Earth who privides for your children. Give us the wisdom to teach or children to love, to respect and to be kind to each other so that they may grow with peace of mind. Let us learn to share the good things that you provide for us in this Earth”. (Digital art by Cameron Gray)

Always be honest to yourself. Always protect the ones close to you as much as you can. I know the choices of our parents seem unreasonable at times but you will understand them ones you enter adulthood. No matter who you have become and what you have done always know that there is only one kind of love it is the unconditional kind.

Loving yourself is important and is a per-requisite for every happy outcome of life. However, when it comes to loving other human beings always remember that instead of loving them through yourself how about you love yourself through loving them.

Know that beauty is relative, if you feel like you need to enhance your appearance or are unhappy with it, do everything in your power to fix it. I do and have understood the importance of the saying “you look good, you feel good”. If you feel like it matters than go ahead and do it. Exercise every day, does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. If you are a girl and there is only boys around then go play with them. Male appendages do not define the limits of your physical prowess.

When it comes to friends, always know that you will have to trust them first to have them trust you. It does not matter what gender, age, ethnicity or color they are. That is the beauty of friendships. It is a close relationship that you can chose to develop with anyone. In a multiple course meal of relationships, I would say that friendship is definitely a dessert that you can always enjoy, even though you do not feel like it all the time. Help them out always. Share your blessings with them. Be careful with their family and property. If you think, your friend is involved in something you do not approve, please share it with them along with the reason.The only outcome will be that either they will listen or you might understand them better.

If you want to be successful and get ahead in life, read. Anything you are passionate about, read about it. If you want to create art or write then do it. All that you desire to become, you can be and all you need to grasp insurmountable goals, you were born with it. You literally are the future. You are living in the most advanced age in human history. You need to know that all you desire is possible if your read about it, research it and learn how to achieve it.

Never feel guilty about any mistake made more than once. It is natural to feel bad about behaviors that could have been different but only as long as you do it once. Every bad feeling is like a weight in the mind and you need to be very good at letting go of things that are over. This fast paced age of information inflow and lifestyle shift may overwhelm you at times just know that every piece will fall into place.

I cannot really advice you much on love but I will say that always be sincere to strangers especially the ones that seem to be absorbed in humble circumstance. Love all creation as much as possible for you. You cannot buy every homeless person a house but shaking their hands with a smile and asking their name may teach you and them a thing or two on life.

In order to appreciate the beauty of life you have to embrace the inevitability of death. Once you are over this fact only then you will begin to realize the importance of people and insignificance of material possessions. You will start to appreciate the little things, explore uncharted territories; do not be afraid to challenge odd set of behaviors. Say yes to new things, say yes to diversity, and say yes to life. Never label people by one or two sentences. There are no good or bad people, as your experience, perspective and understanding of life will increase you will find that you have much more common with people who seem different compared to actual differences.

You will learn that adults are just physically different or aged individuals but even old people are just older children. Humankind is yet to find a set of belief system that all can benefit from but in this regard, I would advise to find what suits you and pursue it, irrespective of the household you are born into.

If you start collecting money and start saving to buy things to buy more property, remember that it is a race that no one has ever won; the world’s richest man still envies the second richest and so on. Set a level of comfortable living that you need to actualize on your own and help other people if you earn more than that. It may be your friend’s, siblings, juniors or subordinates. Invest in people in general rather than stuff and you will see miracles.

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