Journey From “Sleeping beauty” towards “Champion”

When I got admission in U.E.T , It was my first experience of hostel life. I don’t know whether it was homesickness or something else that I used to sleep a lot. My room-mates started calling me “Sleeping Beauty” because I used to sleep a lot. I hated being called lazy. So I decided that I will do something by which I could prove everyone else and myself that I am not lazy. I started taking part in sports. In sports I liked badminton the most. Now, I have been playing badminton from three years. I have participated in many badminton tournaments but I am never able to win any tournament. Last year I tried very hard to win U.E.T badminton championship but I was defeated in the semi-final. I always qualify for quarter-finals or semi-finals in badminton tournaments, but I am never able to win. There is fear of failure inside me, that I will never be able to win any tournament. But I have not left hope. I will try as hard as I can to win championship this year. So my goal is to win U.E.T badminton championship. After the defeat of last year in semi-final of U.E.T badminton championship, I was very upset. Being so close to winning and most people were expecting that I will win, it was very difficult for me to gather me up. I was thinking why I lose? Now, I must be waiting for one more year to try to make my dream come true. But this time I will make it.

I have always wished there should be something in my university life that I will remember throughout my life. When I look back in time, I can say that, “yes this was a great achievement”. From my childhood to till now, I have always been a chubby boy. I wanted to prove no matter how fat or thin you are, if you have the passion, you can do anything. Sometimes my friends say me you are dreaming too high. You cannot achieve this. But I say them before playing first time I was as afraid as I am of losing today. But I overcame my fear that day and I will also overcome this fear and I will win, and above all it’s never about winning or losing its just about giving your best. Life is the name of ups and downs. What a man can do is give it’s best.

So I have learned a lot from the past. I have decided that this time I will start with a new passion for achieving my goal. The first three tasks which I learned that I need to work upon are as follows:

1- Improve physical fitness.

2- Practice, practice and practice.

3- Overcome nervousness in front of crowd.

In order to achieve my task 1, I have to start jogging and take care of my diet. Stamina is very important when you are playing in any sport at a competitive level. I should do running half an hour daily. I should stop eating rice more than one time in a week, because they will increase my weight. Currently, I am eating rice four times a week and I should reduce them to one time per week.I should be regular in practice with university badminton team players. They practice five times a week for one and a half hour. For this purpose, I have to overcome my laziness and fear of failure. I should learn from my team-mates. I should try to learn the skills and tricks they have.

I always have difficulty controlling my nerves during the match. I always get nervous when playing in front of peoples especially my friends. Whether it is to play in front of peoples, or to speak in front of peoples, I always get nervous. I think that I should increase my confidence level in order to overcome my nervousness. I should attend seminars and speak in front of crowd so I can overcome nervousness in front of people. This will help me not only in sports, but also in my professional career in Job. So my task 3 is to avail every opportunity of public speaking. Volunteer myself for any activity during seminars, or during my class.

It was a pleasurable experience completing the tasks. In my task 1, I have completed two rounds of U.E.T stadium running. It was a good experience. In order to improve my stamina I did not take rest between two rounds .Whenever I was tired I just slowed down but I did not take rest between rounds. Also, I have controlled my diet. For task 2, I have joined training sessions of team and started playing at least two matches per day. It is very difficult for me to play the two matches but I just want to come out of my comfort zone and hopefully my stamina will be re-gained and improved in the coming days. Task 3 was very important for me because it will not only improve my performance in sports but will also help me in my professional career during interviews and job. For this purpose I have attended a seminar on Wednesday on professional grooming in which head of ACCA Pakistan Mr. Sajeed Aslam has given necessary tips for professional grooming and how to improve yourself. Because seminar was of interactive nature, he was asking about our views on different things. I voluntarily answer some of his questions. I was little nervous during that But overall it was an enjoyable experience.

I have learned from these experiences that whenever there is a big goal, we should divide it into small tasks. Whenever you achieve your first task, the sense of completion is so enjoyable that you want to achieve your second task. If you will just think about goal and not steps, it will look much difficult for you and probably you will give-up on your goal. Step by Step, Inch by Inch, you have to move towards your goal. I have learned that journey is more beautiful and important than destination. To face your fear is probably the most exciting thing in the world, and when you have faced your fear sense of completion is the most beautiful feeling you will ever have.

I know that I should maintain a balance between studies and sports. I have to work smartly in order to achieve my goals in studies as well as sports. My next task is that every day when I will be coming after practice, I will make sure that I write all those mistakes on a paper that I have made on that day and try not to make them in future. These includes all type of mistakes from diet to exercise, so that I will not get injured and perform at my peak when it is required. I will be focusing more on training smart than training more. I also have to focus on my studies and professional grooming in order to get a good Job. So, one of the challenge I will face is how I will manage time for my studies and sports. I need to maintain a balance between studies and sports and I will be working on this matter in my next task. I will be applying for jobs throughout this semester, so it may become difficult for me to do practice regularly, but I just can say that I will try to give my best. Because for me it’s never about winning, it’s always about giving your best.

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