Embracing My Pain

All my childhood I have been traveling like a lot. My father is in Armed Forces so after every 1 or 2 years we had to switch from one city to another. I couldn’t keep up with my friends, teachers or neighbours for more than one year. Till my 10th standard I had studied like in 10 different cities in 10 different schools. There was this new school every year & once again I had to bond with teachers & make new friends. Life is not bed of roses you had to struggle.

I met friends from different areas of Pakistan with different mindsets & culture & each time I learned something new which make them unique in their own sense. I realized I can deal with this pain so after completing my college I went to study engineering in a different city in hostel which was now further away from my family. I had the confidence that I can survive & sustain in any atmosphere. I love this challenge of adaptability & I am ready to embrace it.

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