My Parents, My Mentors

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” This quote signifies that how our minds were meant to be made. Its not something that you just fill up. In every step of our lives we need someone who can be our mentor, our guide & is there whenever we need him. He counsels yet refreshen’s our mind & gives a broad perspective to our vision.

The mentors in my life has always been my parents. Since the day I opened my tiny eyes to this world they have mentored me. Even its my daily problem or my professional life worries or studies related problems. I always found them by my side, believing in me & also putting their faith in me that I could do the impossible.

They have always been very supportive & encouraging. Whatever I wanted to do in my life both were always very encouraging & also guiding me through it about the pros & cons of the decision I was about to make. There was this one stage in my life where I was confused whether to start BSc Chemical Engineering or not, but here my mentors stepped up & counseled me that where I will see myself after 10 years or what can I become.

One cannot learn if he/she doesnt have humility. Its the core of a healthy relationship with your mentor. If you are being too arrogant how can you expect your mentor to give you honest & truthful advice.

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