Sharing The Tips…

Each one of us finds his unique way for sharing with others his bit of wisdom. Your knowledge not only expands but it flourishes and you feel like this inner peace by setting someone on the right path.

I met my friends Abdul Qadir & Sheikh Hussain at an event and afterwards I had plenty of time to share my tips with them. It was a pretty satisfying experience to be honest. Sharing my thoughts & elaborating my journey at Amal as well that how I was been able to craft my journey as well by learning somethings more insightful.

I asked him to align his passion with his career to which he replied that, in current system of Pakistan majority of students are facing this problem because of the lesser universities & lesser seats available which in turn make students go where ever their merit comes.

Meeting friends after an event.

One of the most vital point upon which we all agreed readily was to always do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field/industry. This thing is really important in making your career because you dont want to end somewhere, from where there is no turning back.

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