To trust or not to trust


 This company sells replica designer shoes for a discount price. There are no reviews on this website and its services. I searched for a physical address, which is sometimes typical for online stores to not exist, but there was also not a phone number to contact, there is only an email. More than anything, I cannot trust the quality of shoes I would be receiving, or their return policy. Since they are infringing on intellectual property rights, the website can disappear at any moment and ultimately disappear with your money too. There is no way to guarantee they won’t. They have no credibility.



On the other hand, Coca-Cola has years of credibility and maintaining a balance of ethos. Even the writers are in sync with the Coca-Cola culture, maintaining press that glorifies them in giving back. Though Coca-Cola has had their mistakes, they always take action to rememdy their mistakes and the CEO is actively hands-on. Unlike the other link, I am guaranteed as a customer that the product of Coca-Cola will be consistent wherever I make the purchase.