Wonder City by Flashlight

It was late in Gotham when she got the call, he wanted her to check the status of the Wonder City pit. He never realized that people slept while he remained awake locked in his meditations or scheming, yet here she was finding her way down into the now forgotten part of Gotham that was built over. Wonder City had been the dream city of the future Gotham but now lies in pause where time stands still.

Finding the secret entrance that lead to the back of a long forgotten dress shop, she glanced around looking at the various mannequins that still stood their tattered dusty clothing still covering the dress forms. She remembered coming here a time or two walking around this time capsule that was kept hidden from the mind of the regular population of Gotham. The shops still had wares awaiting to be purchased from people who will never come to them.

She moved down the cobblestone road towards the church at the end of the road, glancing over at the florist shop where dried dead flowers rested in holders awaiting the purchase that will never come. The only life seen here these days were the host of rats that scurried from place to place. Stopping she looked into the window of the old toy shop she didn’t dare place her fingers upon the glass as she stared into the shop at an old train set that still remained in the window awaiting the child who would never play with it.

Moving on she took out the flashlight from her jacket pocket as well as the old intricately carved key for the church, glancing over at the two guardians of the city lying slumped over. They once were the pinnacle of modern science meant to keep the citizens of the city safe from harm, their once gleaming mechanical parts now faded and rusty from the drips of water that came from the high cavernous ceiling above her. Every step she made closer to the church echoed the sound of her heeled boots.

She just stood there for a moment looking up at the decrepit church, thinking of the twisted irony that a place of peace and sanctuary hid one of the most corrupt pits on the planet. Gotham always was corrupt to the core despite the Batman going into the fray night after night the city oozed it, it breathed it, it was its blood and here of all places was the heart where all of that hate, evil, and corruption pooled. The city tried to show that it was this place of security and peace but in reality it was just a land where insanity and evil went through the revolving doors of the justice he fought so hard to provide.

Sliding the key into the hidden lock, turning it til she felt the locking mechanism finally allow her entrance she moved into the church as the door closed behind her. She jumped startled by a rat that raced across her boot, snarling at her own fear of the damn vermin she made her way further in heading towards the back of the church to the hidden door down into the catacombs.

She moved down the stairs the stench hit her upon entering the chamber watching the viscous emerald fluid churning and bubbling recognizing that as proof of its readiness should it need to be used, she sighed staring at it. This fluid was one of her failures it was nothing more then liquefied evil that housed the mystical components that allowed her family to live through the ages, she could feel the fluid coursing through her it was her greatest failure. This glowing viscous corruption would drive the sanest man insane, it drove her father to outright madness when he emerged from his regenerative bath. Her sister shattered her mind killing her over and over again only bringing her back using one of the various pits scattered all across the planet, she never was the same she became her sister’s pawn then.

She felt the tears sting at her eyes, trying not to let them fall walking over towards an old dusty table she leaned against looking down.

Every time she tried to break free of this hell it wouldn’t release her, she tried doing good tried to live life in the light and it abandoned her left her rotting away. Picking up one of the silver goblets from the table throwing it across the chamber as she screamed the tears pouring down her face, the darkness would never leave her she would forever be known as “The Demon’s Daughter” forever be branded against the light despite how many times she rescued it’s cherished one she fell to her knees wrapping her arms around herself hearing the echoes of her crying flowing around her. She would never walk inside the light forced to remain forever in the shadow locked in the dark within the confines of it’s cold stark blackness.