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We hope you’ve had an epic month exploring the decentralized web, curating collectibles and farming vegetables. Our team has been super busy pushing updates, shipping products and furiously developing exciting new features for the MetaMask community. To help keep you up to date, we’re reinstating MetaMask Monthly!

Before we continue, if you’re a dapp developer, please note that you have less than a month left to act on our breaking provider changes.

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new in the MetaVerse:

Meet MetaMask Swaps

MetaMask users can now compare prices and swap tokens directly inside their wallet with Swaps 🎉

  • Find the best price every time. Access the most liquidity and the largest selection of tokens, at the most competitive prices. …

MetaMask users can now swap tokens directly from their wallet. Swaps combines multiple decentralized exchange aggregators, professional market makers, and individual DEXs — like AirSwap — to ensure MetaMask users always get the best price with the lowest network fees.

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Recent months have seen large-scale adoption of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). …

Last year, we reported how MetaMask had reached approximately 264,000 monthly active users. Since that time, we’ve grown over 400%, supporting over one million monthly active users across our desktop and mobile apps🎉. We believe this is a critical milestone for the whole ecosystem we serve.

MetaMask user growth happens in a compounding feedback loop similar to the feedback loop of the internet itself. Users onboard to use one site, and end up discovering hundreds of other sites from decentralized finance to gaming to new communities.

The recent launch of MetaMask Mobile has played an important role in bringing new users into the MetaMask community. We’re especially delighted about the diverse communities where MetaMask Mobile is getting traction. …


Talia Knowles-Rivas

Head of Marketing, Developer and Consumer Products at ConsenSys. Bringing Ethereum software products to market. Formerly Facebook and Google.

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