Actually, Nazis are very bad

This spicy hot take is brought to you by me, a person who thinks Nazis suck.

Nazis and white supremacists are incredibly bad. They want to kill people and oppress them and disenfranchise them, lynch and enslave and annihilate people purely for looking different or believing differently. They also lie constantly. They are extremely bad. There are no two sides to this. Nothing can change my mind about this. If your mind is waffly maybe it has some holes in it, I don’t know. Nazis are bad. Killing, wounding and gassing anti-Nazi protesters is bad. People have the right to defend themselves and other people from inherently violent people with inherently violent ideas. No one who marches for white supremacy armed with mace, clubs and guns is an “innocent.” Anyone who marches alongside a swastika is bad. They deserve to lose their jobs, never be invited to speak, and be met with universal contempt and scorn. They are being defended vigorously by the White House. I refuse to do further work for them. I refuse. Nazis are extremely bad.