How To Turn A Swastika Into A Fish Wearing A Ballgown (And More Tutorials)

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m offering some quick lessons about what to do if you encounter a swastika in your neighborhood. I did these in Sharpie, which is surprisingly useful in graffitiing wood and other surfaces, although you will probably want to use spray paint on brick or stone. Trigger warning: a bunch of swastikas (and step by step guides to transforming them).

  1. Turn It Into A Flower
Your garden variety swastika can be turned into a lovely flower.

2. Turn it into a Fish Wearing A Ball Gown

Just a fish wearing a ballgown who is not a Nazi.

Option 3: A Bird Superhero.

Saving the day against the Luftwaffte!

Option 4: Just A Whimsical Modern Art Maze

It’s not really a maze, even.

I hope this helps you fight hate in your neighborhood.