A Day In The life Of A Bi Polar Anxious Introverted Writer/A Journey Into lets Plays.

I took a few days off I know that sounds weird, but you have to understand that I have freaking issues man. Its hard for me to be online, I love my readers and those who support me, and medium and this blog but being on the grid can eat away at me, so I have to know when to just stop the grind and chill for a few days. During this time I become introverted and distance myself from the world of Facebook and twitter.

This is a blog on the activities I do when I am not posting blogs or writing or answering emails. I don't know if everyone does the same things I do I honestly don't read comments on here because if you’ve been on any social media site and you've posted one thing publicly then you know for a fact people can be dicks, and being a writer allot of times they have text that they can take out of context. You learn very quickly to just keep doing what you love and to ignore the negative people. I have a email for my readers I noticed a few more new readers and at the end I will re give that so my new readers can send me questions.

Here is what I do on a regular day. I am chef and I love cooking so I plan out three meals, and I get out everything that Ill need throughout the day. No I am not super organized I actually am just Lazy and know I am lazy so I like to have everything I need out. A typical day of meals usually starts out with pancakes/waffles egg’s, bacon, sausage, homemade simple syrup, fresh fruit for breakfast. Lunch is sometimes soup or chicken noodle stuff or homemade pizza.

Dinner is usually the most complicated Because That is my Time to shine So Valentines day I made goose liver Tar tar, Lamb chops with a mint Merlot sauce and Dragoon Carrot Risotto and raspberry chocolate mousse. Though that was a special occasion not all my dinners are so involved But they're always three courses unless I am super lazy and then I order sushi or something. Hopefully one day I will be able to share my personal taste with people like a food truck as of right now I am happy just to see my son eat and be happy.

Television, I don't have cable or satellite. I read for my world news and I watch YouTube, Netflix. Which allot of people do I guess that's what I hear I am not very social I sometimes go to the coffee shop have some tea and talk to people, But for the most part I hang out with my kid.

Shows I watch On YouTube My favorite channels are Mort3mer aka Suzy I love her her channel because I had a friend who doing something on YouTube and wanted to check out Suzie's channel To re assure my friend that she was YouTube good I guess? Anyway I went to Mort3mer and started watching and never stopped shes very perky and up beat and extremely adorable its hard not to watch her channel. Funny thing I didn't realize she was married to The awesome contemplation guy because I only heard his voice for the longest time, Everyone knows how the YouTube recommendations work you watch one thing, it recommends other things related to that. The only Lets Play I had watch up until then was John & Hank Greens FIFA and Vlogbrothers Which I still watch to keep up on Nerdfighteria.

Recently though I have Been Binge watching Game Grumps (yes I know I am late to join, but I am catching up) and I was humbled and surprised by the show. I read constantly so I apologize to fans of Game Grumps Because writers tend to support other writers and authors whether they are well known or not, and Game Grumps has this whole let’s play genre that is refreshing, Also I am behind on things due to my own snobbishness I am very picky on the channels I subscribe to on YouTube I prefer to support writers again that is just my own thing, and I really didn't want watch it I wasn't into lets plays , Because as with what I watch on YouTube I am very picky about video games as well.

Game Grumps Fortunately is not Picky on what they play through,the teletubbie play through gave me a very real & very visceral since of terror also I hate teletubbies, like furbies I don't know what it is maybe the devil made them but they creep me the hell out.

Anyway Dan and Arin and sometimes Jon aka Jontron are Funny and they flow so naturally through conversation and have very real emotions that I found myself Making cheese popcorn and really just feeling like I have my friends in my living room and I was listening and laughing along with them well watching a game I have ether played or not but still was entertained. Which doesn't happen with me being a avid reader I tend to move on to videos very late, because personally feel more connected to books.

Good on you Game Grumps if you ever read this You are wonderfully weird and positive and have found a way to interact with the audience that I have only found in literature.

Right now I am watching steam train the Five nights at freddy’s 2 play through and I can tell I am going to be yelling at Egoraptor(aka Arin) quite a bit.

I can’t bring myself to get slightly fluster at Suzy , and Dan is just to relaxed he is also in nijasexparty? there is also Ross who I really Liked Until I saw Guild Grumps and The Mario Maker play through and realized he should have played Christian Grey.

I do Still enjoy when he is on the show because everyone has that one friend who you love, though you cant explain the love that is how I see Ross, I don't know I am new I do Hope I get the names right though because I want other people especially people like me who are so introverted that you tend to be six years behind everyone else to watch Game Grumps or Table Flip Is one I watch as well Being That I love Legend of The Five Rings a card game I play, so yeah ( I am sure everyone knows way more then me That’s what I get for always having my head in a book.)

My Bedtime routine is the same as anyone I have a cup of tea and read with Prince or Motown playing in the background until I have fallen asleep.

Thank you for sticking with me this long. If you have any questions about my blog of about living with mental health or about being bi (LGBTQ people are awesome love all you brave peeps but I am Bi so that is what I know best) My Email Is

harlie.quinn26@hotmail.com(feel free to email)


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