Dear Pill,

Does Long distance , long term work ? Or Is It Doomed ?

Long term relationship are hard long distance is hard, put them together and you get implausible.

Here is the thing being in both is hard but it is not impossible or not a good idea , because here’s the the thing love doesn’t define distance.

In fact distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Speaking from experience though , they can be really hard to maintain , you have to put in a alot of effort to keep all forms of communication and willingness to be flexible with traveling and make sure what ever bumps you hit you have to keep in mind that whatever emotional upheaval you’re feeling , your long distance partner is feeling that as well.

The biggest issues that I had problems with where arguments about money , plane tickets and some insecurity about the relationship itself.

Remember whatever you are feeling so is your partner.

The best advice that I can give is communication as often as possible , don’t put off important conversations. When you argue remember to take a moment to remember that both people in the relationship are having trouble try seeing past your immediate emotional response and look at it from all sides and perspectives.

Yes long distance work’s they take allot more effort and communication skills , but no long distance isn’t doomed you just need to be honest and forgiving and remember that you are with a person, answer texts make call dates.

Also never have unreasonable expectations if you can’t catch a plane , or you miss a date just be honest about what’s going on.

No relationship is perfect , long distance is hard it’s not a fairy tale , it’s more like being dropped into the middle of Oz and having no idea how to get anywhere.

It’s fun and you have lots of adventures and you don’t know if there is going be a end , but it’s still a great.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you how you feel , if you want to be in a Long distance long term relationship , then that’s your choice.

Sincerely sugarwolves,

Jagged lil Pill.

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