It’s difficult to love ones self, everyone say’s life is too short.

I don’t think that is true here’s Why, I have been alive for Three decades , I have seen two of my grandmother’s , die.

They never talked about live being to short.They talked about the end of days, how lung cancer works, but life and it’s struggles they never talked.

The grand I had in mind would be my brother’s grandma, my grandma is not the type to hold her tounge , which would be fine but she’s got this habbit of bringing thing’s up to spite you.

People blame that on old age.

Which is stupid , she doesn’t have anything else wrong only that’s she’s old enough to know better than To say things like “your brother rapef you.”

Or call me manipulative because my mom and Dad started talking again , what did they have in common ?

A batshit crazy daughter.

I’m smart and funny and never manipulative, I don’t see a point.

Whatever happens is going to happen.

One of my eldest brother’s has luqimia , I’m stuck here, well her going through treatments, my family members don’t seem to care like this is just cancer, and yes maybe , but support should be shown.

I’m mentally ill , and my Mom think’s God will fix that , forgetting maybe God wants it this way.

“Here’s to Momma long may she rave”

Sincerely sugarwolves.

Jagged lil Pill.

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