Holidays And Depression.

Here’s how it goes , I’m never really alone , but I feel alone sincerely, people smile and I smile.

I’m really alone always , after the holidays and parties I’m alone, no families no support.

Rob treats me like a burden and a pet , slightly better than shit.

in turn I’m uncomfortable with yet supposed to be grateful. His family is all racist and I am suppose to be nice about it , because they come from different parts of Indiana.

I’m not , so I stopped going going to there family functions.

It’s like paper cut racist comments, such as :Talias not black, The black people I met are lazy, Black people are naturally violent.

No I will not be going to family functions where I’m uncomfortable sitting in a corner and eating quickly , because apparently I’m a fish.

No Nashville Indiana is not racist , come visit , but the residents are diet racists, and not all racists , it’s the shop clerks and local.

sincerely sugarwolves,

jagged lil pill.

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