Its Kinda Strange Story.

Whenever you’re sick , you notice how much you say thank you.

It’s not for you it’s for everyone else around You , because they don’t have to help you, or stick You with poison that , will get you better , but for now just hurt and make you sicker.

I’m a thirty year old girl and I still cry for My mom whenever the pain is too much.

People tend to be repelled by sicknesses , but then glorify the patient, again all this is not for the actual sick person who is in pain and going though all the stages of hope and dying, but for the nurses and doctors who are doing their best.

Here’s the thing , sometimes it’s ok to not speak or thank anyone, it’s okay to close your eyes and be six years old again.

Doctors are important and nurse’s , and so on, but you’re not being ungrateful or a bad patient if you just feel what you need to feel.

There’s a lot of side effects of dying and even more importantly there’s a lot of side effects of living.

Yes of course thank your doctor and nurse’s , but take a couple days to be sick and scared , because it’s alright to be scared everyone gets scared.

Just remember that you are not weak and you’ll make it through, feel what you need to feel. Then fight

Depression is worse when you fake being mentally healthy, and pain is worse when you are ignoring it, the lesson feel it , share it and don’t apologize for it.

Only say thank you when You actually can mean it.

Thank you sugarwolves,

Jagged little pill.