Ladies And Gentlemen , Listen up Can We Not Judge On Everything?

I want to thank you for consideration and for keeping up with my blogs and Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook, but if you could be so kind and compassionate about shit that I go through everyday, My mental health issues are under control , no I’m never been psychotic , or physically hurt anyone , yes my son is around me and I have full custody.

Yes thank you, for the concern , about my physical Health , but honestly I’m tired of discussing it , as i know i will be fine after treatments and worse case scenario I’ll have surgery.

Yes, it sucks and no its not ideal , yes I’m actually sick , no i don’t give a shit about other people who think that I’m not.

I don’t like that women seem to be judged harder with everything , weight, kids , mental health issues , health issues in general.

No, I don’t believe God is punishing me , because I don’t believe in that version of God.

I think I have terrible genetic variables that are unaccounted for , and so I get sick.

Yes thank you for reminding me of My own mortality , but if you could be so kind and stop fantasizing My death that would be Jedi.

Here’s the thing I am the one who has to go through all this crap , and my loved ones have to sit back and watch all this crap.

So , if everyone could get the A.D.D out of your ears and hear me for two seconds.

I don’t have anyone who actually understands what I’m going through , but I don’t Need understanding , I just need support and awesome readers like my readers and family , to remember that I’m still here.

That’s It , I’ll write More soon , but I will be doing in between chemo and odd jobs.

Thanks for understanding sugarwolves,

Jagged little pill