Last Night…..

You ever go to a Pub or bar, and had a good time.

I haven’t been able to do that for awhile, and it’s because Daniel and I used to date on and off. But he works for one of the only bars in town. Now when I a beer I have to walk half a mile.

Danny say’s he is looking out for me , but I can’t trust that, because everything private between us he blurts out when I am depressive , or just want to have a few pints I can’t without Danny telling the bartender I can have only one pint.

This is why I quit drinking all together.

One time the bartender disappeared and came back and just put a third beer in front of me. Then told Danny I want a fourth beer. This is a lie

So I went into the kitchen, and proceeded to talk to Danny and then he walked me home.

Was I being combative? according to the two women there I was.

So here’s what I remember , I got up halfway through my second beer went to pee, and when I came back there was a third that had been gave to me by the couple next to me, now I didn’t ask for the the beer, I figured Danny got it for me. No apparently he didn’t , then bar tender disappeared again and this time Danny was with him and apparently I asked for a fourth beer , since I already buzzing I didn’t get any thing’s he was, and Danny said I flipped out , yelled at the magement and the went into the kitchen arguing about a beer.

Danny didn’t stop to explain my half of the story. In Danny’s defense I wasn’t making much since,

I was buzzing wonderfully , chating compliments to people. Close to walking home, instead of hearing what I was trying to say , he kept going on about how I didn’t need a fourth beer beer.

I lost my footing because I was in heels , and I started crying, Danny’s response to this was to throw his wallet at me, and now you know why we broke up.

Danny’s two faced and I don’t mess With people who are vindictive and toxic. So I’m never going back to that bar.

Sometimes assholes do have a purpose.

Sincerely sugarwolves.

Jagged lil Pill.

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