Here’s the thing , growing up cubano or whatever , being Latin is hard being mixed with African American is hard , I am mixed with both.

Here is the problem , no one takes you seriously , doesn’t matter male or female.

Being Some one of color , wether Latino or not makes you venerable, just like being in LA with dark brown skin does.

Wether you like it or not , the LAPD, has a horrible reputation for viewing , and profiling people as bad in any sense of the word.

So here is the problem, do we who are privileged and informed let it go .

Or something similar , like finally women to minorities start asking about Way’s to earn money.

Also , why does there have to be a let’s see on what there should be.

A army medic should be able to get a job without any problems , but apparently . That’s not it.

Latinos and African Americans have a hard time finding equality. Forgetting the fact for for Latino and African American , mixed race people have it much harder.

Whites and blacks never really have a middle ground, add Latina to that and it’s outrageous. Here is my personal opinion doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Latina or anything else.

People should know that being colored or anything, shouldn’t be a thing. something , movie’s and Hollywood tend to idolize the black struggle ,

Not realizing that there’s no such thing, Black’s, Irish, Jewish, we have a horrible past, but still are brilliant.

So if ever you feel prejudice , remember that you can access all posts on it, and also be privileged confidential proprietary information, and a great friend

Always love,

Jagged lil Pill.

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