Life can be brutally honest or Zen

Thirty sucks and not the being older part it’s being no where near successful part, the people with status want More status and those with status quo writing this on your phone and living minimally , which is why I am Zen most of the time.

These days status anxiety is everything having flash blacks to church music rehearsal and the pressure to sound like a Angel and look relaxed and Zen

And all you want to do is vomit tell the congregation that there Zen and Tao and Jesus would not approve of the vomiting before you5 have Play guitar.

My point is that thirty has brought back the same status anxiety I really try to avoid.

Yeah I needed some help with stuff , here’s the problem it’s crap being stuck on a rollercoaster that stops at Medicalville and continues self esteem issues that go well with self doubt.

So thirty sucks but it’s the middle of the the year perhaps 31 might be glitter.

And i’ll finally get to make out Jet li.

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