The older you get the more you tend to go to the doctors

People are costantly saying

Be you at heart youth is all in the mind.

Do me a favor and tell that to your doctor when he is explaining how many years off your Life genetic sickness will take of yourself.

Mentally is on part of it, genetics is anther part.

At best you’ll life pretty good and long , at worse you’ll die at sixty.

Because meditations and awesome doctor’s like my , Dr Garcia who are helping me out with this thing called Life my grams is 85 due to exercise and stubborn mentally and a doctor who is straight forward with her and never gives her what she wants , only what she needs.

Doctors like Garcia are rare in that they listen to the patient , understand that paitent is suffering

Than do what they can to ease that.

They will change your diet modify your exercise, and make sure the nurses don’t Rush you when you’re trying to be honest.

I’ve been to all kinds of doctors, doctors who have been spacy and indecent, indefferent, and just plain lazy.

My whole life I’ve known two doctors who care.

Dr.Garcia is a bit slow to the punch, but once he’s got it right , he will take care and listen and work with you.

Dr.Kasacia my favorite and first doctor who was no bull shit , his office always full, he could hear your voice and and know what you need . He was a doctor for seventy years.

He gave lollipops all around and had a pharmacy next door.

He casts my first broken bones ,and drew Woodstock on them. He listened.

So sorry to Burst your bubble that youth is all in your head, but every one has a doctor who helps.

And if they don’t ditch them.

Doctor , The word for wise man and healer.

If you’re not getting that from your Dr , ditch them they’re going to kill you faster.

Love sugarwolves,

Jagged Lil pill.