Rainy Days.

I love a good over cast day , I love running and walking around, but rainy days are the days I get to sip tea read and listen to music.

Here’s the basic premise , I want to be healthy and happy not kill myself self running out in freezing cold weather.

Rainy days are my thoughts days and my prayer days , some people need to know there is a omnipotent being constantly to pray , I really don’t .

I was raised Catholic and I believe in a higher power and I really love rainy days.

I get naps , and play injustice2 , CoDAW, or watch predinatual movies.

Rainy days make Me feel human all of my favorite senses are used I love it wind to I like to stand out on my balcony in my night gown and breath in the petichor.

I encourage everyone to do something that you love , and yes people will judge , but they’re going to judge anything and everything so just do whatever you want any ways.

Let me be clear what ever you want that is not dangerous or toxic.

Just be yourself and walk around with confidence and a sly smile people will ether smile back or get offenend because you’re happy and healthy and they’re not.

Be rain sugarwolves,

Jagged lil Pill.