Rare Infinity.

I have to say all the famous people I’ve met, and all the author I met, I tend to author’s.

Author’s even though they’re tired or frustrated tend to be more careful about people , who love them, even when we talk about ourselves for hours on end.

Movie stars do the exact opposite, I understand that the press barely give them privacy.

Frankly doesn’t give them the right to be assholes I get you can sing and that is a tough job.

But they’re are fans that are sick or dying and you’re worried if you’re dress is okay or your tux looks good for the camera.

I rather not have that.

Cancer people are costantly in pain , but you give them one visit , and that’s enough for you.

That person is dying famous or not, they believe in you and and buy all your records and movies, even they’re in constant pain.

That’s why I prefer listening to dead people or watch dead people so I know they won’t show up or send me a message or worse a sighed picture of them.

A life is a life just you shake your ass on stage doesn’t mean you’re better or worth any more than anyone else.

Here’s a little time in about two hundred years no one will remember who you are or what you done , that’s the problem, you’re not imortal, you’re going to die like the rest of us.

You’re going to be forgotten like the rest of us.

So stop being so narssasict all the time and pay attention to those who have problems.

Sincerely sugarwolves,

Jagged Lil pill.

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