Relationships I Thought I Was a Lesbian But I Had Sex With A Man Does That Make Me Bi?

does anyone remember their first date ?

Now do you remember their first time you made out ?

Now do you remember the first time you had sex ?

Do remember the new awkward feeling that you had when all of it happened, that feeling of being touch in places you never thought you would be. That awkward titillating feeling you thought was exciting and strange, the butterflies and the heat and the blurry yet slightly painful feeling.

Anyone like me lost their virginity in a Toyota Camery well crying on their really bad wedding night with a man who you weren’t sure that you wanted to marry,so no it wasn’t hearts and flowers,over with extremely fast.

Yet I had no comparison, to men at least I dated women or girls allot, I was used to girl sex it is allot different more soft and sensual. With men its not much different then having sex with a German Shepard probably more sweaty.

I thought I was a lesbian for along time even after I was married sex with women was just easy great wonderful.

Sex with men was mediocre at best.

How I new I was bi was when I had sex with a guy who knew who what he was doing, see with the studies out there men over 26 seem to get a grip on how to get a woman off. (this is not a insult to the male gender it just my opinion if you don’t like it fuck off), They know what they are doing, they ask questions, and they make it a fun team effort, and the more experience they have the better.

A man who actually was younger then me had way more experience, so as a rebound from my divorce I slept with him, it was going to be a one time thing, but I enjoyed it, I had a orgasm I had fun I laughed and kissing was deeper, by no means was this anything but sex , it just showed me that men can be sexual and sensual and playful.

Needless to say my opinion on men changed, not because I had great sex that guy, it had nothing to do it, I had just got married way to young and there was a guy a virgin, I didn’t know that there was men out there who actually tried and ask questions and generally wanted to please and worship my body.

Women are wonderful creatures they excuse flaws and accept you as you are.

Some men like one I met recently.

A make out session with him is like a marathon you have to be patient and sweet and understanding, so in some ways men and women can be the same in this way.

No questioner, having sex with a man doesn't make you bi being bi and being Gay and lesbian and Queer and Trans isn't a choice,it is something you are if you find women attractive, or men or both or Trans it not a choice,but experimenting helps us all grow in different ways.

So ask your self questioner, do you like sex with women and men or just women? Therein lies you answer.


Jagged Lil Pill

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