Settling In To Thirty.

When you turn twenty nine ,a little voice in the back of your head starts pointing out things, like your drinking or the the fact that you only have one or zero kids.

You tune it out and continue about your twenty nine year old life and you blink and your thirty, so you do crazy things like dye your hair blonde, plan a trip to holiday world even though you hate crowds , get a tattoo , buy a new wardrobe.

Deep down inside you’re panicked that you’re going to die.

Your not , in fact all the stuff You thought was amazing , you will be indifferent to.

You wake up go for a run , try new things that You don’t know if you like , your smile at trees, crying children and adults, you are more likely to volunteer and paint houses.

Being thirty isn’t old , it’s calm you move slower , take care of yourself and help others.

Basically you zen out a bit.

I’m a introverted person I like my space and my family but mostly my space, I’m more health conscious and run, and eat right I don’t drink anymore because I don’t see a point in it.

Sure I’d enjoy a small cocktail if the occasion calls for it.

I just don’t need it to enjoy myself.

I still love doctor who and Sherlock and supernatural , I love painting and coloring , reading and writing and music are my best friend’s.

I’m not married , and I’m not loved widely, I am loved deeply , so much that they always are there to keep Me some what sane.

I will not tell not to go a little crazy about thirty.

Just remember after the hair cut the shopping sprees and possibly the black out drinking, you’re still going to be thirty years old.

With love sugarwolves,

Jagged lil Pill.

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