To Be Medicated Or Not To Be.

There’s is allot of bad rep, that goes around when you talk about being medicated for any sort of mental health issues.

Here’s the thing some people need to be on medication, there are articles and therapist that will encourage you not to take medication, and that’s fine absolutely if you feel better and happier without it then talk to your doctor and then proceed to not take them. Yes always talk about it with your doctor.

Lots of articles will tell you to change your diet , go walking , grooming , yoga classes , tea anything else that will give you the feelings of happiness.

I’ve tried them all , and it doesn’t work for me , it gives me the illusions that I’m happy, but depressions right around the corner.

Imagine that you had cancer , instead of bi polar depressive , or Lupus instead of anxiety disorder, most people would be more likely to take medication for those.

So why is there this stigma for taking meds for mental illnesses.

Sick is sick , and you may not have physical signs of illnesses , but it doesn’t matter , if you feel better on the medication take it.

People who love you will have all sorts of opinions on it , all sorts of alternative homeopathic things like tea and smoothies.

This doesn’t work for most people , for a while you have the illusions that yes you’re taking care of yourself , you’re living your best life today.

You’ll end ignoring the simplest signs of clinical depression, until you snap and ligit try to kill yourself.

Crazy people don’t know their crazy.

That’s a great lie , even if you want to be normal , people With mental health issues know there is something wrong.

They might not know what it is but they’re aware that something anything is wrong. Yeah so we are clued into our crazy.

I know something is wrong with my brain , I know my brain isn’t chemically balanced correctly, medication helps me with that.

It’s my own choice to take medication or to not take it. Yeah that’s right even after getting the pills it’s still your own responsibility to keep taking them , and to keep open communication with your therapist and Doctor to Make sure they can get on the proper dose.

It’s not like the flu , or a cold you take a couple of pills and you feel better.

It more like a unknown virus transmitted via time and it will take time to work and get it right , but you have to talk about it , if you’re feeling sick , or having side effects , open your mouth and talk to your doctor.

It’s my responsibility to keep up my mental health , unfortunately I’m not one of those people lucky enough that yoga classes tea and smoothies work for.

Yes, if that works for you I’m ligit happy for you , but if it doesn’t work and your family or friends who shouldn’t have any say in your mental health issues tell you pills aren’t the answer , look at them and tell them thanks for the suggestions but it’s my fucking issues and decided along with my doctor’s what I need.

With love sugarwolves,

Jagged lil Pill.