We All Fall Down.

Everyone has a opinion of addiction a opinion of mental illness, people say they have a masters degree in psychology, but is that really the point, how can you under stand something you never ever experienced.

Everyone has flaws, I am mentally ill, I drink and sometimes I am nice sometimes I am not,yes I have a high IQ but that doesn't mean I am incapable of making mistakes, I am not infallible, that's the point of being human.

Saying a person is stupid is not really a insult because stupid is a prospective, I am stupid when it come to my own illness but I read and I am really good with theoretical physics and cosmology I dressed up as Stephen Hawking when I was twelve.

No don't have a grasp on the human mind, but I know science through and through.

As for addiction every one has a addiction , you may not think you do , but we all do, you may clean too much, drink too much, smoke pot too much, or plainly be pedantic about having or not having addictions.

Here is the problem you cant say you're better or worse then some one just because you have a better income or life or access to education,that's so arrogant, if you actually believe you're better then some one you're fucking arrogant (yes that's an insult)

Here is my point, thinking you're better or infallible or even smarter then someone makes you an arrogant asshole, because you don't know what that persons been through, what they had to deal with and apparently you are to dumb to ask.

Here is my big middle finger to all those who don't get the drinker, the addicts and the weirdos. unless you actually know what they have been through,shut the fuck up cause you have no right to judge when and if they fall down, if they drink, if their mean if they have issues with sex or communication

We’re all fucked we all fall,don't be a dick and think you're better.


Jagged Little Pill