What A Sugarwolf Is.

The reason I call my readers sugarwolves is because I want them to do better.

People tend to be very negative about writing , art , animating , or anything else. What they don’t understand is that is who we are.

Nothing can change that , we have to write we have to paint, draw , play video games, that’s the we do and we do it better than anyone.

So yeah all my readers are sugarwolves because they work there asses off and do whatever it is that makes them happy.

Which is what everyone one should do, being a Sugarwolf means you can and you are doing what you do best and you dont do it in a spiteful way.

People are annoying and will piss you off , here’s the basic premise , you don’t have to stoop to their level, you can be you without cursing or arguing with those non supporting people.

You’re amazing for being brave enough , being You enough that Hater’s aren’t comprehensive to the fact that you are doing great without fame, fortune or gratitude.

So always be who you are never let some one hurt your feelings , or tell you that you can’t do something .

I turned 30 today and tomorrow morning I will still be thirty years old , but everyday I learn that it’s not about age or fans or anything else , its about loving you for your talent and don’t let anyone say different.

You can’t choose the people who hate you , but you can choose to be happy inspite of that hate.

People love you , and trust that I love you I don’t have to meet you or shoot a gun on your soil to know that I love you with everything , my previous sugarwolves readers.

You are brilliant, amazing and wonderful.

Bravey is you.

So don’t ever let anyone think less of you, or hurt you, Ignore the negative feedback and keep doing you.

Yes you are all instresting and bright, you just have to be brave enough to see it.

This is me sending love on my thirtieth birthday , saying be you and love fully.

Sincerely sugarwolves,

Jagged lil Pill.

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