Behavioral economics is all around us β€” at work and on vacation, in the apps we use and at the stores where we shop. Behavioral nudges can help us follow through on things we know we want to do, but that sometimes slip through the cracks, like voting and getting flu shots. They can also help us begin tasks that may otherwise seem daunting, like starting to compost food scraps or creating a habit of biking to work. And sometimes all it takes to finally get around to doing a tedious task is adding an element of fun and pleasure.

I recently completed Irrational Labs’ Behavioral Economics Bootcamp, a 9-week part time course teaching designers, product leaders, and social-good practitioners how to integrate behavioral economics (BE) principles into their work, with the ultimate goal of helping people make better decisions and achieve their goals. …

Thoughts from a Square Code Camper

This past January, I had the chance to spend a week in San Francisco, where I visited well-known start-ups, learned new development languages, and met with tech stars such as Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square. Perhaps surprisingly, I did all this with 20 other women. Our trip was sponsored by Square as part of its second annual College Code Camp, an initiative to encourage women to enter technical fields.

As a student at Wellesley College, a women’s school, I have taken for granted that technology is and should be a viable career option for women. Since my first computer science course at Wellesley (which I took on a whim, I might add), I have had the luxury of studying this subject in an exclusively female environment. In this setting, I have never been embarrassed to ask a question, hesitant to answer a question, or worried that I might be perceived as less intelligent because of my gender. This is truly a privilege, though one I may not have fully comprehended until participating in Code Camp. For me, it was a revelation to see how unusual and exciting it was for my fellow Code Campers, brilliant and inspiring women, to learn, discuss, brainstorm, and write code exclusively with other women. …

Tali Marcus

Now: design system engineer @servicenow. Previously: @GEdesign, @Wellesley alum. I care a lot about accessibility and inclusion. Also πŸš²πŸ“šπŸŒ…

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