Do I mean it when I call you Master?

I have had to have a long hard think about this question since you ordered me to leave. And I’ll answer it simply with “Of course I do, or I wouldn’t have given up so easily.”

You see, in the Master/slave dynamic of BDSM there’s a basic standard. Master gives the command, slave obeys immediately regardless of what said command is. It is part of our job to love and nurture these men/women. Unconditionally. It is largely why slaves are so rare these days. We are not faint-hearted, and imaginations are becoming rather vast these days. The possibilities of what your orders might be are endless. Most submissives can’t stomach that. I couldn’t when I was first shown my true nature either. It hurt, actually. Very rude awakening. Moving on…..

See, seeking you out and trying to fix things, that was selfish of me. I did so because it was what I NEEDED. Because I was the one who needed the other back. I hated that you were gone, I hated myself for pushing you away and I just wanted to have you back. I just wanted to be where I feel I belong.

But it’s not meant to be about me.

And if I am really your slave, then “I don’t want you anymore.” should be enough. It IS enough. If I am truly yours to do with as you wish, then that includes leaving me behind.

So I’ll do my job, and give you what you want.

Even though it is tearing me apart.

Regardless of how much it kills me.

And you’ll never hear from me again, because now, that is the best way to serve you. Believe me, I’d rather die on my knees before you, than on my feet and alone, I would suffer any number of punishments not to have to lose you. I am not afraid to hurt. Hurt is all I’ve ever known. But I never wanted to hurt like this. I never wanted to feel the way I have since I disappeared. I would cut my own heart from my chest if you’d take it back. But I’ll never know whether you would have or not, because I’m obeying my Master’s last command.

I love you enough to leave and never come back.