I’m writing a book. This is a segment from it. *It’s erotica*

Her body sleek with his sweat, he took her hair in his hand as Peter had asked, and pulled it until she had no choice but to look at the computer screen and deep into Peter’s watching eyes. She grimaced.

“What is it whore?” He asked as the man behind her entered her again, thrusting hard and deep and making her moan before she could answer. “I’M ASHAMED!” She screamed at him. She began to shake, and tears filled her eyes. “You will not break stride Trent. If she cries, then she does so while you fuck her for me.” He stated. The man behind Shelly nodded, and kept up his pace. “Why, little whore, are you ashamed?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “Is it because I’m watching him fuck you, or because you are enjoying it?” He tilted his head slightly, and gave her a look that said ‘you’d better be honest with both of us right now.’ “Because I am enjoying it.” She sobbed, collapsing into the bed, Trent’s weight collapsing on top of her. Trent didn’t stop. He was as relentless as he was told to be.

“Ah.” Peter said. “Good girl. Thank you for being honest with me. Who are you hurting little girl?” He asked with an air of wisdom. “No one Master.” She replied timidly, her body arching with her orgasm.

“Why do you have a man you do not know pelvis deep inside you?” He asked. “Because I’m following my Master’s orders.” She said. “That’s right.” He said. “You are doing this to please me. You are letting me watch you be fucked in ways you enjoy. You are giving me a gift. Do you know what that gift is, little whore?” He asked, smiling a little as she struggled to answer. “Gratification.” She answered. “No.” He said. “But good try. You are giving me an education, my little one. You are teaching me how to touch you, without having me touch you without experience. You are also showing me what your face looks like in the throws of ecstasy. And you are showing me how important I am to you, by removing yourself from your comfort zone to make me proud.” He sat back, folded his hands and smiled. “And are you proud of me, Master?” She asked, gripping the sheets beneath her and emitting a low growl as she climaxed again. “I’ve never been more proud of anyone, my love.” He said with a warm smile. “I could see you were afraid before the first item of your clothing hit the floor. And yet, here you are. Bare naked, sweat-covered and writhing in pleasure. You have never been more beautiful to me. And for your trust and obedience, I have a gift for you.” Just as Peter finished speaking, he gave a slight hand gesture and Trent got up, removed the condom and began dressing himself. He winked at the laptop, picked up his bag and left the room. Shelly lay in her bonds, shuddering, and started to panic a little. She was still tied, how was she going to get out of here? Just as the thought crossed her mind, she realized there was no face in front of the other computer anymore. Peter, was also gone. Just then she heard men whispering outside the door, and it opened and shut. She heard a slight chuckle as she struggled against her bonds, trying to see who had entered the room. The new man crossed the room just enough to stay out of sight, chuckled again and said “Surprise little whore. My turn.”