You are everything.

You are the fear that stings the back of my throat as it slowly dries, when you speak to me of things you need. The ache behind my eyeballs when I realize that, even though I’m terrified of those things, I would give them with pride in myself. You are the burning sensation in my veins when I lay alone at night, half naked and panting, picturing all of the things that I desire. You are the face that comes to me when I begin. You are the commander of everything I have desired since the day you found me. You are the reason I giggle at vanillas when they try to look impressive. You, my Booboo, my Master, are the only thing that has shaped who I am right this moment, that I regret with all of my heart. Your face is the reason behind every indelicate burning sensation between my thighs since the day we first spoke.And the fuel of every orgasm.

You are why I feel so empty and lost.

You are the reason I cry when I orgasm now. You are the reason other men bore me. You are the reason I’ve not spent more than a night in another man’s bed since you found me. You are the man in all of my sex dreams. ALL OF THEM. You are the reason I am certain of who I am now. You are who I wanted at the dentist when I almost passed out from the injections in the jaw. It’ll be you I want when I go again later this week and they take the rest of my teeth. You are who I wish was holding me now that I’m so sore it makes me feel a little ill. You are the greatest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

You are the reason I could see myself doing things I never thought myself capable of. The reason the world seems so full of hope to me now.

You are everything to me.

My Master.

And I will never forgive myself for losing you.

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