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The internet-of-things in court

With taliware™ in place, people will have to think twice before going under-oath in the court of law!

Taliware™ brings the internet-of-things to court using biometric wearables solutions!

Armed with an impossibly secured biometric geo-identification solution, Taliware bring wearable data inside the US court system with its continuous Geo-indentity management platform.

Taliware is a location-based APP-service and delivers continuous geo-identification using mobile ECG powered by Nymi™Band. With this solution, taliware provides an ironclad proof of a person’s presence at specific times and locations anywhere anytime using the individuals’ electrocardiogram or ECG.

The wristband ECG core technology integrates with taliware’s geo-authentication witch tethers the smartphone’s GPS wirelessly to its owner via bluetooth to securely validate the individual’s physical location. This location verification is made possible through the Nymi on-the-go electrocardiogram heart-ID identification and taliware spatial map app, providing a biometrically authenticated proof-of-presence.

Want to help a friend going under-oath in the court of law? Think again!

Taliware continuous geo-presence verification will literally come to level the plainfield in court. Long gone are the days when you just showed up in court , said “ yes I do” to go under-oath and proceeded to tell the judge your story as you may please. With Taliware wearable data in place, which tracks and stores an individual’s whereabouts history using biometric confirmation, one has to think twice before telling.

An individual’s electrocardiogram (ECG) is highly unique, and varies substantially from person to person. It is derived from various physiological characteristics of the body. As a result, the ECG is an incredibly distinct identifier that is a resistant to potential attacks.

Audit Your Whereabouts Using Your Heartbeat


taliware™ geo-presence solution improves on foursquare location based check-ins by adding the internet of things! (IoT) identification layer to secure location presence by anyone anywhere anytime.

Nowadays, to find someone whether a friend or colleague for example according to a given criteria, we will be spoiled by the number of applications available to us to choose from.

“…certainly we’re going to get a position, however, it will be missing key information that will make this result imprecise, unreliable and almost useless.” Said Dr. Zili, CTO and Spatial Systems data scientist at taliware.

“Indeed, what we got is only the position of a Device and there is no guarantee that it’s being carried by our human friend ! Yes, It’s Disappointing! But don’t worry…taliware has the solution!”

taliware technology securely tether each person to their everyday data path, data discovery and events via the taliware app, and the Nymi Band powered by Nymi Inc.


taliware uses two factor authentication (2FA) securing-your-physical location to your data discovery. Your smartphone, taliware App-service and the Nymi Band with biometric confirmation.

“ taliware wants the information to find you when you need it rather than you searching for it! ”.

The Internet of Things is a hot and beautiful mess until it becomes the Internet of Everything as wearables find their way into everyday life! taliware development team actually hacked an innovative biometric solution for its Everyday Things Verified™ platform adding another security layer to Everyday-Things wearable connected to the Internet of Things.

While the founders at taliware believe in helping advance research in the security space they also want to serve the community by bringing forward innovations to help advance human rights and justice for all.

This latest advancement in geo-identification technology from taliware has the potential to serve side by side with DNA in exonerating innocent people from going to prison, courts from processing false affidavits and citizens to think twice before going under oath having sworn to tell the truth, especially in a court of law.

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About Taliware

Taliware™ is a location-based APP-service and delivers geo-presence verification using mobile ECG WristBand. With this solution, taliware provides an ironclad proof of a person’s presence at specific times and locations anywhere anytime worldwide using the individual’s electrocardiogram.

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Audit your whereabout with a heart beat
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