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Taliware is a location-based APP-service and delivers geo-identification using mobile ECG powered by Nymi™. With this solution, taliware provides an ironclad proof of a person’s presence at specific times and locations anywhere anytime worldwide using the individual’s electrocardiogram (ECG) for biometric confirmation.

The wristband ECG core technology integrates with taliware’s geo-authentication and securely tethers or binds the smartphone’s GPS wirelessly to its owner to securely validate the individual’s physical location. This location verification is made possible through the Nymi on-the-go electrocardiogram heart-ID identification and taliware spatial map app, providing a biometrically authenticated proof-of-presence.

An individual’s electrocardiogram (ECG) is highly unique, and varies substantially from person to person. It is derived from various physiological characteristics of the body. As a result, the ECG is an incredibly distinct identifier that is a resistant to potential attacks.

Identity Geo-Mapping

With taliware, users can view, print or send data records of their location to their banks, lawyers, courts and elsewhere where it may fit.

In a legal context, there are various use cases which are important to these individuals, like:

Identity Management when Roaming ( Ride Sharing )
 — Credit Card Fraud Loss Prevention ( Transactions using Biometrics )
 — Defend Against an Accusation of Stalking ( Wearable Data)
 — Discouraging False Testimonials in Court ( Wearable Data )
 — And much more…

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* taliware technology is US patent pending

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