A simple reason why I love accounting

It is probably the most repeated stereotypical comment on accounting that I have ever heard, but contrary to popular opinion, I believe that accounting IS fun. 
Now before you dismiss this as just another comment from a boring, bald-headed, four-eyed number-loving accountant, take a moment to consider my reasons. I don’t love accounting because I enjoy playing around with Excel, nor because I have a certain introverted attachment to numbers. I love accounting because it tells us a story. The language of accounting (yes, it is a language) tells me so much about how you started your business; it tells me your history and where your business is coming from. It gives me a look at where you are right now and what you have achieved. It also gives me an insight into what the future might hold for you. We, in our role as accountants, help you make sense out of all the numbers and help teach you to read and understand this language. 
This is how accounting can become fun for you too. Once you understand how to read this language, you can see and measure the effects of the decisions you have made in the past. You can understand the story behind your business better than you ever did and you can use all of this to further experiment and tinker with your business to make it even better.
Once you get rid of the mess and the confusion surrounding your accounts, you will learn to have fun with them, and you won’t need to be either bald headed nor four eyed (like me) to love your numbers.

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