my first experience @RAD5 technologies.

at first i had the impression of let me just go there and do whatever they are doing, but to my greatest surprise what i saw there was amazing, i never new that what i’ve been searching for in other cities is right in my own town,i was very happy, i tried as much as possible to relate very well with everyone i met, fortunately i saw 2 of my course mates there, i was glad because there presence there encouraged me.

my first assignment: i was given an assignment to browse about RAD5 technologies, well i found out a lot of things and am proud to be part of this tech firm and am also proud to be part of there vision in taking Abia to a great height in technology

what we do there:if you want to find out log on to””, or you can locate us @ 36 market rd aba. All we do there is solve tech problems.

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