Fitt’s Law in User Interface

1. The brake pedal in cars is Larger & Closer

That makes it faster and easier to hit in an emergency!

2. The Key “Enter, Space bar, and Shift” on the keyboard are larger

They are the ones users hit more often!

This is called Fitt’s Law

A Mathematical equation that was created in 1954 by Paul Fitts

A psychologist, Paul Fitts.

Yes. This law is named after Paul Fitts himself for his study of pointing in 1954. He was studying human movement. His original study was about pointing with a stylus but his work is applicable to pointing with a mouse, touchscreens, and a range of devices.

Its states that it’s faster to hit larger targets closer to you than smaller targets further from you!

Fitt’s law can be applied to User Interface too


  • Make sure the size of the target is large and close
  • Leaving enough space between targets, especially for mobile
  • Using Phrases instead of word hyperlinks
  • Placing the important button at the bottom of the right

As a user views the screen from top left to bottom right

Do you always design with Fitt’s Law in mind?




Lead UX Designer | Engineer | Traveler

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Lakshmanan Palanisamy

Lakshmanan Palanisamy

Lead UX Designer | Engineer | Traveler

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