3 Steps To Get Rid Of Travel Management

Aug 1, 2017 · 3 min read

You don’t have a small idea (or maybe you do!) of the time people spend searching for flights, learning city ins and outs to decide where to book an hotel not crazy expensive and close to a meeting point. Searching, booking, confirming, getting approvals, invoices etc and gets even more messy when you book on behalf of others. Precious time chasing people to agree and to approve (sometimes not the same person here). And not to mention time consumption when sh*t happens and you need to cancel, re-book, get refunded etc. Travel Management takes time and effort. End of story.

How Do You Free Your Time?

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

1. Delegate. Seems obvious right.

The work has to be done but there are better ways to do it and people (like us) working every day to make it easier and better for people like you. We have tech and human experts to take care of any business trip request. And the best part? It can be cheaper. How long does it take you to check prices in 10 websites? A few minutes for sure… we do it in seconds. How much time do you spend on Google Maps trying to understand where the event is and where the hotel should be. Oh well we know the answer, and again… back to you in seconds with the best deal. You get my point.

2. Organize. All you need in one place.

What do you need? Your travelers info, their preferences, who approves for them and easily get their approvals, billing info, invoices, booking history and what else? Just say the word. That’s what we call a Team Hub, you need that to manage different people, teams, requests, preferences… the right workflow to get a trip booked and managed seamlessly. Guess what? We have that — simple and easy to use.

Talkifly Team Hub screenshot

3. Trust. Yes, that’s important.

If you don’t trust you’ll be double checking, comparing and wasting your time again and again. You need to use something you trust will back you up 24/7, you trust will get the best deals, you trust will get things done efficiently.

Give us a try! Let us gain your trust. For your next trip try Talkifly for free.


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