Travel to #TOA17 like a pro

🎯Everything you need to make the most of Tech Open Air & Berlin!

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. 🙀Oh wow! Ok. I mean: in a big city you don’t want to be stuck in traffic or take hours on public transport to get to Tech Open Air venue, which is in TOA Bay at Funkhaus, more precisely Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin.

Now. Let me tell you what you need to know.

How To Get To #TOA17 🚴

3 routes for public transport: 1) Tram 21 to Blockdammweg + 5min walking to TOA. 2) Boat F11 to Wilhelmstrand + 7min walking to TOA. 3) Bus 265, 170, 165 to Baumschulenstr./Fähre + Boat F11 to Wilhelmstrand (takes 2min to cross and boat leaves every 10min)+ 7min walking to TOA. But my favourite is cycling, the best option to get to the Funkhaus Berlin during summer.

Best Places To Stay 🛀🏽

25min to TOA taking tram 21. Boxhagener Platz area, good bars and restaurants. It’s one of Berlin’s hippest neighbourhoods.

15min to TOA taking tram 21.

There’s plenty of other options depending on your budget and what you’re after. Just go to and talk with a travel assistant. At we have the best online offers and live (real time) agents via chat to help you out and sort your trip for you. Oh! And the best part 👀: it’s free to use, where and when you need.

Best Flights To Catch 🛫

I don’t know where you’re coming from but trust me, just talk with a live agent and you’ll have your flight to Berlin sorted with no effort and a great price. This morning we booked this flight to a TOA attendee from Las Vegas. He told us 1509€ was the cheapest he could find online. We sold him this one for 1086€ 😁

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