Travel to #WebSummit like a pro

Web Summit is the largest tech conference in the world, but you already knew that 🤓 What you don’t know is how to get to Lisbon and around when there are 60,000+ folks going to exactly the same places at the same time 😵

In the list of things you want to get out of the Web Summit sorting out your travel logistics feels like the least important, but you have to get it right or it will bite you.

I’m a Lisboner born and raised who attended the Web Summit last year, and I’m giving you a few nuggets to make your trip to the Web Summit a breeze 👌

  1. Delegate to a travel assistant
  2. Book your ✈️way in advance
  3. Know where to stay
  4. Sightseeing tips from a local

Delegate to a travel assistant

Searching hotels and flights easily sucks up more time than what you’re willing to spend. Is this the right use of your time? ⏳ is a Lisbon based startup with travel agents available real-time via chat that can sort your trip and help you out when you are on the ground.

We source hotels and flights from the best sites to keep our offers competitive. Oh! And the best part 👀: it’s free to use, where and when you need.

Book your ✈️way in advance

I don’t know where you’re coming from, but flying is likely to be your best option. Hopper says you can wait until September 7 on a flight from London, but I am not sure their algorithm accounts for the abnormal surplus of travelers that week. Take your chances.

Also look for alternative airports when you can. Eg. flying from Oakland Airport instead of SFO will cut your price by €400.

OAK-LIS on sale at Talkifly

Not from San Fran? Talkifly can help out.

Know where to stay

Web Summit is located in Parque das Nações, area renovated when Portugal hosted the Expo’98, which is NOT where the action is for the night stuff and other cultural side tours you might want to take.

Map of Lisbon

If you are a founder looking to raise money by pitching to VCs during the Web Summit pub crawls, a la Travis Kalanick style, then you should try and stay near Cais do Sodré or Bairro Alto, which is where the best night parties will take place.

Trendy apartments in the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife

If you are a busy Speaker who just wants to fly in, drop bombs and fly out, then I recommend you to stay as closer to the event as possible. Money is no problem?

Closest to the Web Summit you can get

Lisbon tips from a local

There’s a reason why Lisbon is winning travel awards left, right and center.

Lisboa Cool 👓is a great starting point to get some travel inspiration.

My favorites:

To go: Lisbon is the city of the seven hills, try them all (especially Castelo, Graça and Torel). Lisbon (Baixa Chiado) downtown is quite cool to stroll by.

To eat: Via Graça for a local fine dining gem. Cafe de São Bento for a steak. Santini for ice cream. Pasteis de Belem for the best sweet tarts in town (Manteigaria comes close).

To drink: Silk or Park for sunset drinks. Rua da Rosa for a few drinks outside. Lux for dancing 🍸

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