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In one week, Both AWS and GCP announced a per-second billing model. Here is a short explanation of what changed on each cloud provider and what these changes really means to us — the customers.

The AWS announcement

A week ago, Amazon Web Services has announced that it will begin offering per-second billing in all AWS regions, effective October 2.

The new per-second billing model will be applicable for EC2 on-demand, reserved and spot instances (Linux Only!). This change will also be applied to the provisioned EBS storage, AWS EMR and AWS Batch.

Great news for EMR and Batch customers.. since jobs often…

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Hackathon for autism. Ofek Alumni Association and ALUT — The Israeli Society for Autistic Children

What an amazing 24 hours we spent last month! A motion-based musical instrument that helps to express emotions, a sound-adjusting device, and a system for managing and learning action sequences are just 3 of 13 solutions, developed to improve the lives of children and adults with autism.

It was our first community project and for me, It was so much fun to see the willingness of dozens of people to volunteer for this super-important goal — making the life of children and adults with autism a little bit better.

To all of you who came: You may not realize this…

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Serverless architecture can help businesses, from enterprises to startups to speed up innovation, digitize legacy systems, and create new products and services without needing to manage server infrastructure.

The popular interpretation of Serverless is Functions-as-a-Service(FaaS) where developers can upload code that is run within Compute containers that are triggered by a variety of events, are ephemeral and fully managed by the cloud platform. FaaS obviates the need to provision, manage, scale or manage availability of your own servers. The most popular FaaS offering is AWS Lambda but Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions.

In this post, we try to gather…

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Devops Engineer, Solutions Architect, Serverless enthusiast.

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