Rules, rules, rules

Dear Jane,

You know how people in military follow orders.

Long time ago, some family member was part of the military in some country. He was told his father was about to die. He asked for permission to visit him, but was denied. 15 days later, when he finally got leave, his dad had already died and been buried.

Some time later, same situation with his mum. Again permission denied, that second time because a civil war was about to start.

He defected.

He went to visit his mum just before he died.

He went back to the military, to face martial court for defection.

He was aware of the possible consequences.

He broke the rules.

He did it because his principles conflicted with the rules. I wouldn’t have done it. But he had his own hierarchy and was ready to suffer because of it.

In that case war had already started, his fellow soldiers had been killed, and he was very needed in a different place. So he avoid punishment. But he was ready for it.

Rules, rules, rules. You’ll be presented rules. We will talk more about rules. You will know about other rules.

Rules are important.

Rules can be broken. But breaking rules have consequences. For us and for others.

Rules shouldn’t be broken because of personal benefit.

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