3 Ways to Manage a Sober Lifestyle While in School

Taking college classes by themselves is hard enough as it is, but trying to work toward a degree and maintain a healthy, sober living lifestyle can seem, at times, impossible. If you are attending a college or a university while undergoing drug addiction treatment, then you understand this struggle better than anyone else. You’ve probably encountered moments of crippling stress and anxiety, but you’ve always been able to get through it.

If you’re attending college and drug rehab and feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is dimming, here are some lifestyle methods you may want to apply.

Know and Practice Coping Skills

By this time in your drug addiction treatment, you’ve probably discovered some of the most helpful hobbies and practices for your recovery process. These practices become your coping skills, which can be used as tools when you’re feeling tempted or stressed while going about your daily activities.

It’s imperative to keep up your coping skills while attending school while using them often. Don’t neglect the things that help reduce your stress and cravings just because you’re busy with school-related activities.

Stay Clear of Sticky Situations

While attending school, you will likely encounter many get-togethers, late nights and stressful moments. During these times, it’s important to remind yourself often about the things that are more important to you before and during these instances. Is staying up late worth it if it means you’ll be tired and more likely to relapse the next day? How about attending that party, where there’s more of a chance that you’ll cave in to your cravings and forsake all the work you’ve put in to get this far?

You know yourself better than anyone, so it’s important to keep in mind what you can handle when times get tough.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

The student life can be very lonely. However, if you’re in drug addiction treatment, then you’ve probably had to put a lot of your relationships on hold to focus on your treatment while simultaneously attending school. You probably know just how lonely it can get because you’re trying to balance these two worlds, but feelings of loneliness and academic stress can drive people to much darker places.

If you can, try getting to know positive and uplifting people in your classes. Reach out to those who you believe would be beneficial influences in your life, and try to nurture the relationship you have with your family.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences and creating a healthy support ground will benefit you greatly as you encounter difficult and stressful moments in your classes and treatment procedures.

It’s not uncommon to encounter students that are undergoing drug addiction treatment who are doing everything right and still struggling. Sometimes you can invest everything you have into a goal only to find that it bears no fruit. If this is happening to you, then don’t lose hope. Things do get better for those who stick it out.

Natalie New is a health writer for for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Next Level Recovery.