How To Recover and Remain True Religiously

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or otherwise you may feel like your respective deities or worshipful practices will help you recover from a substance abuse problem. Certainly you may find great strength in your faith, congregation and fellow believers but there are plenty of reasons to consider treatment by trained professionals.

Most Religious Texts

Regardless of your faith there are often doctrinal rules and regulations that expect certain actions or behaviors of the followers. These actions originate with you, your choice and not from a supernatural source. That being said, if you are a prayerful person and never put your belief into action it will be much harder to overcome substance abuse. Accepting that you need professional medical help doesn’t mean you need to stop following your religious practices. It doesn’t show you lack faith in your religion, it just means that you recognize that taking action in addition to your faith adds power to your desire and efforts to be clean.

Being Angry at God

Despite what you believe, part of you might be furious that you struggle with substance abuse, causing you to blame whatever powers in the universe you subscribe to. This is another reason to choose to attend drug rehab centers. Waiting for a miraculous change in your own behavior might leave you waiting for a long time. Taking action shows that willingness not only of your faith but also to those who love you. It’s not easy to admit you need more help than just the private supplications aimed at the wide universe, but it certainly can lead to the results you desire. Especially if you subscribe to any particular beliefs, a part of you is guaranteed to be very unsatisfied with your substance abuse. Make sure you are true to yourself but also honest with yourself. That is how to succeed in difficult times.

Russell Lovelett is a health writer for for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Next Level Recovery.