Social Communities That Can Help You Stop Drinking

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol-related problems? You might be in alcohol rehab or you might be considering enrolling. There are also a handful of online social communities that could offer additional support. Quitting addictive behavior is never easy, but with professional help it is possible to rediscover a healthy and uplifting lifestyle.

Living Sober

Living Sober is an excellent online community that allows members to post about their daily struggles. The community offers wisdom, support and encouragement to those battling alcohol addiction. Living Sober prides itself in being a safe platform. Members can opt to post anonymously if that’s what they’re comfortable with.

Hello Sunday Morning

Some call Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) the Facebook of sobriety. HSM operates as both and online social media site and a mobile app. HSM focusses on healthy lifestyles without alcohol. Every Sunday the community shares highlights from the hangover-free day. In addition, HSM provides a supportive community, behavioral science, psychoeducation and weekly reviews to help you monitor your recovery.


Soberistas is an online community of people who have had problems with alcohol addiction. The community offers articles, blogs and personal stories to inspire others to stop drinking. Members can also post in a forum about their personal struggles and get advice from other members. Soberistas also offers a book club to keep its members busy in the evenings.

Sober Recovery

Sober Recovery is an online forum that covers a variety of addictions including alcohol addiction. The forum has boards with the aim of helping people toward sobriety. There are boards going through the 12-step program as well as other methods for recovery. is an active and uplifting community that incorporates music, art and entertainment in its recovery process. The community is all about promoting an alcohol free lifestyle. To members of, sobriety also means being physically and emotionally healthy.

The Naked Mind Community

The Naked Mind is exactly like it sounds. Members of this community open up in a safe, judgment-free environment. The Naked Mind is for who struggle with alcohol addiction, or people who simply want to quit. This community is open to not only talk about the road to sobriety, but also opens up the conversation to talk about members’ hopes, inspirations, fears and regrets.

Find What Works Best for You

All of these social communities are great resources, but in the end, you’ll want to find the community that works best for you. Find the place where you feel most at ease. Find a place where you feel comfortable opening up about your battle with alcohol.

Joshua Valdivia is a health writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Information provided by Next Level Recovery. Follow on Twitter.