Free Voice Chatting App For Talk To Strangers

Our smartphone enables constant and instant communication with our family, friends, and even strangers. Now, in the technology world where Voice calling apps has now become an essential part of every smartphone user’s. Voice calling is a smooth experience, however, the plethora of apps available in the app stores, makes it a tad confusion scenario to pick-up the best voice calling apps. To help you make the decision easier, we have compiled the top free voice-calling application you’re your Android that is brilliant for test chatting with strangers as well. With TalkOkay voice calling app you can instantly interact with a person with just swipe up on our phone.TalkOkay is a free voice chatting app available on Google Play Store, which is part of “Social And Communication” and published by PD Groups. This app is best known for the following features: voice calling, voice chatting app, text chatting, or more. TalkOkay provides a free voice calling service to talk to strangers and loved ones. The best part of this app is the ability to connect audio calls even on slow and patch networks. This app also allows you to make audio calls and send messages as well. You can send text, photos, videos, voice messages, and more through the app. You can make unlimited free calls to anyone who uses this app. It provides marvellous features to users such as text messaging, stickers, and many more.

Main Features:

1. You can select gender and region preferences.

2. You can connect voice chats through 3G\4G and Wi-Fi.

3. You can send Unlimited text among friends.

4. Get the Dozens of quality effects, stickers, filters and emoji

5. You can add the people you know during voice calls to your friend list.

6. You can make video calls (video chat) with new friends after adding them to your friend list.

7. Sign up using Facebook Or by using mobile number.

Talkokay provide you good quality audio calls (voice chat) with new friends after adding them to your friend list.Voice chat with global users about and you wil

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