Welcome to my lab

I am a failure product in October 2013 from one of famous institution. Studying Chemistry is my favourite part in my life, but I always asked myself ‘This is me? Taking a risk of cancer in the lab is that good sh*t?’

Here is not Mine! — I have to go!!

I dropped off a class while there were flooding in BKK. Great chance’s right?My parents kept blaming me for this till nowadays.

I came from nothing and now I am student also freelance for graphic design in Chiang Mai for almost 4 years ,I keep sharing my idea, my works, and also my delusional selfies LOL mainly through Facebook. In 2014 My client want me to work for him about Digital Printing on Fabrics , We start discussing about his project and I try to understand about how different fabrics work well to print off. Then I get a class of Typography and Layout Design , There was in a middle of semester, among so many talented friends in a class , I like Typeface , Lettering , and Layout design and I want to take firstly serious project. So The tools which I decided to use are typography, layout, digital print on fabrics.

Luxuria — Latin of Lust

And What about the concept? I kickoff with my shelf, which contents I want to play with? I decide to choose Magic & Myth as my focal studies, and I found great article to use. It’s 7 deadly sins, I don’t relate that much. I think it takes less amount to print on fabrics, 7 piece only, on 100 cm x 100 cm of chiffon,

It will be beautiful shawl, I’m sure about it.Colour scheme , Typeface design, Latin words are all my worries.

Casting spell and Crazily hard period

Finally I decide to use black as base and use especially story-related accent colour.

Point-down Star — Satanic symbol, the 5th sin

I feel sorry to my macbook ,because it take so much loads to bear, all 7 pieces are all incredible to me, I keep working, proving simultaneously. They ‘re really messy to rearrange, realign any layers. I have to finish my work early for printing in Bangkok,because It takes time to print off and transmit my works to Chiang Mai, Where I take class as designer. It’s really crazy when the parcel’s delivered because It’s about the day I have to submit my works.

my money was gone.

My teacher and my critical friends are there for my works , some of them like it and my teacher said

‘well investment in class’

I’m done with it. I turn tremendous mourner. but I pay too much about this project. It’s not the end for me , It’s not the end for these works.

— I also study Art for advertising. This subject shapes me in good paths in design process, What problem causes, When it occurs, Where it launches, Who is target? and Why you solve it out this way.The final project of this subject is print advertising , I choose Wallpaper* magazine as a case study. I love reading Wallpaper* ,its layout, photography, illustration, and content, they are all good to me, I want to collaborate with this magazine.


First thing first I have to know who is Wallpaper*, What does its character look like?

I assume myself as a writer also, interviewer(my Photo Booth), interviewee(myself as Brand’s owner) I choose 7 deadly sin shawl as my product and list some questions as a real interviewer should ask. Then I start ask myself in front of Starbucks in Chiang Mai, It’s really tragic moment beacause my coworkers are busy of their works,too. — We all take care their own article ,also help each other.

— My article is about WHO I AM? and my product. I keep asking myself in front of the mirror. Looking through a glass at that fat guy. I am … Who? When I once was in a laboratory where’re full of clear-cut flask, light beaker, thin dropper, and hazardous chemical substance, and Who became innocent apprentice in design class that is why I am weak, fragile, and there are so much things for me to learn, get hurt, fall down, and rise up.And this project is How I prove myself as a stronger one. I am the experimental designer.

Colour scheme of my exhibition, story

— I craft my editorial design for Wallpaper* , photoshoot, and sum up my content.

Dark and Sad fashion set
  • Photoshoot — indoor set
  • talkt8cc as my brand
  • Artificial issue Wallpaper*
  • How’s my exhibition look?
  • Meeting with adviser

— I start writing a content and summing up roughly before meeting with my adviser and my coworker. We prove look of my works together and discuss for some points and have some critical thinking before the final day come.


— I exhibit my work in the morning like 8 o’clock. Teacher want us to arrange ourself to present our piece of work in front of so many talented friends . I choose to be the last one in a line.

light drafting table as an experimental table

We show our works from 8 o’clock til 21 o’clock , It’s my showtime.

I share my thought about this project, who I am today. At 10 o’clock anyone seems terribly tried and sick for almost 14 hours of presentation. But I have to cast a spell of my life,how long I’ve been in this industry, and how this piece of work make of. I put my soul in this work, every single bit of photo, and details is as important as Wallpaper* magazine deserved respect.

This is how I turn out failure from other to another.