We Are Next Generation Walkie Talkies!

Communication has gone through a lot of changes over the centuries. As a species, communication didn’t expand from spoken, written, or printed until 1835 when Samuel Morse invented Morse Code. Since then communication and technology has advanced at a neck-breaking pace to include most recently; video conferencing, texting, and social media posts.

The struggle is that before people completely understand and integrate the new communication method into their lives, it is being replaced with something new. This has created a perpetual struggle to speak on the same wave length, and to know the best way to communicate given a specific circumstance.

Computers and pocket computers (like smartphones, tablets, wearables) have revolutionized how a person is able to access information and communicate with others. For all the good it has done us though, it has also crippled us with the reliance on such communication methods as text messaging and emailing.

As discussed in a Wall Street Journal Article back in 2009, the new generation of consumers and workers are struggling more and more to read nonverbal cues, and avoid in-person communication because it makes them feel awkward and is too disruptive.

We are not machines, yet our workplace and personal life habits have moved us in that direction. We have set responses for certain received messages, know which emoji (surrogate emotion) to use for a certain message, and even know personal details of other’s lives before they ever tell us.

This is the age of information overload, yet in it we have lost the ability to communicate appropriately in different circumstances. How often have you been sent novel length texts about a deep emotional and personal issue? How often has a co worker or client sent you a very detailed email trying to describe a situation that could be solved in two sentences attached to a photo?

Out of those situations, at least some have certainly gone through unnecessary drama due to misunderstanding from lack of expression, tonation, and other such communication subtleties. These always result in either damaged relationships, time spent repairing those said relationships, or lost productivity because of mistakes made at work.

In the last few years these communication issues have been tackled in the consumer space with companies like instagram, Skype, and snapchat. In the enterprise space though, apart from video conferencing and texting apps, the same troublesome methods like email and two-way radios are still top dog.

Even worse is that we all live in a digital world where everyone is connected, busier than ever, and facing more complex problems than ever before. In 2015, people identified as mobile workers reached 1.3 billion! That is over a third of the existing workforce! We at TenFour saw this real struggle, and decided a solution had to be found.

TenFour is a unified communication solution bundled up in an easy-to-use experience. We help mobile workers and teams resolve complex problems with push-to-talk communication, as well as push-to-record video recording. This adds a whole new dynamic experience for a single product to have. Now teams are able to analyze the situation, and decide on the best way to convey their thoughts to others based on the needs of the solution.

Our goal is not to replace email or texting all together, but to displace certain communication exchanges from each, to instead use TenFour when more dynamic and visual communication is required. We understand that employees do not always work in the same office, city, state, or country, so our goal is to make employees feel like distance is meaningless to their ability to complete work timely and with quality.

Times are changing, the world is much more complicated than it used to be. Simplify your resolution process by trying TenFour with our 30-day free trial. Since we are still in beta, you can be assured that our main concern is building a relationship with you, so the more feedback the better.

Our vision is that one day no one will misunderstand a communication exchange at work again. Be a part of that vision. Visit our website today at www.talktenfour.com to learn more, sign up, and try us out.

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